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Dec 9, 2022Liked by Claire Diaz-Ortiz

I've been following you since before you had children. Your posts with anything about them usually has me laughing so hard I cry. Now for the opining...I'm sure I represent a minority viewpoint compared to the rest of your followers. When you wrote your book, Twitter for Good, it seemed like it was in an era of healthy civil discourse. (Didn't you get the Pope to tweet?) Currently, I'm grateful for Twitter's drapes to be pulled back so some daylight and fresh air can come in...Matt Taaibi and Bari Weiss are not partisan players yet they personally are being attacked instead of the suppression and censorship of "other ideas". Today we find out that Twitter placed the account of the esteemed Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford University on a “Trends Blacklist,” preventing his tweets from trending because he argued the pandemic lockdowns were harmful to children. Americans always need to hear opposing ideas. This is banning critical thinking. God help us from a class of government minders who feel "they know better" and need to disseminate news and info without any challenges, or see what they don't approve as dangerous --that's censorship.

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