hey it’s claire

(claire diaz-ortiz, to be specific.)

i invest in startups, write books, and mother some sub-humans. most importantly, i hate everybody too!

i write a weekly newsletter about life in the underbelly of the world. (i live in argentina). books, interesting links, & startup stuff is featured with irregular abandon.

for more context, i’ve been writing on the interwebs for almost 15 years, and it’s been about as glamorous as you can imagine. currently, there are 15,000 people on this newsletter, and some of them are truly dismal humans.

not ALL of them, of course. just last week, for example, i smiled wide when a longtime subscriber said “Damn, Claire. Your newsletters are art.”

but then someone else shouted something horrible at me in capital letters that required A LOT of essential oils to come down from.

(it’s a toss up.)

i know what you’re thinking at this point. HOW DO I DO IT ALL? ah hell, i let three illiterate interns take over my pod long ago. it’s going well. (FML)

i think that’s all i meant to talk about today.

oh wait, hey sign up for my newsletter?

…alternately, if someone else is interested in what happens when you’re stuck at home in a global pandemic with three children and a demanding career and an even more demanding reality TV schedule to adhere to AND you have run out of dry shampoo… well you could just send them the archives to this newsletter. it’s not pretty.

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  2. complete access to the Work by Design Summit, my online productivity conference that 20,000 peeps have attended. there are 50+ video interviews with experts. i would warn you that my award-winning book on productivity from whence-forth this online summit came was written when i only had 33% of the children i have now. (that said, billionaire boss sarah blakely of Spanx has read the book thrice and she has 33% more children than I do, which certainly means something!)

  3. complete access to the Success Mentor Summit, my online video conference that interviewed 100+ expert “success mentors” to help guide precious little you to success. i ran this summit when my mentor, the legendary management guru ken blanchard, and i launched One Minute Mentoring, our book about mentoring in leadership that has now been translated into a crap-load of languages.

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I hate everybody, too. (p.s. join 15,000 prolly awesome peeps for weekly thoughts on startups, investing, books, parenting in the hellscape, and other sundry.)


Claire Diaz-Ortiz

investing in startups, writing books, raising humans. alum @twitter, @stanford, @oxfordMBA. pro-reading; anti-gluten.