hey, it’s @claire.

i write books, invest in startups, and mother some sub-humans.

this is me, in a public bathroom, with the manuscript for my 11th book and a green juice i am about to leave, forgotten, under the passenger seat of my car for 91 days until one of the small people who came out of my uterus will say to me, “Mamá, what is the smelling?”


in professional stuff, i was an early employee at Twitter, where Wired Magazine once called me “The Woman Who Got the Pope on Twitter” and Fast Company named me one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business. these days, i’m a startup investor and the author of 9 books that have been translated into 11 languages. my 10th book will be out in 2025!

in personal stuff, i live in a glass house on a lake in Argentina with a lot of small children who talk a lot of nonsense.

but enough about me.

this is about you.

if you are reading this, i’m thinking you are a human.

and i’m thinking you have big thoughts and bigger feelings and a tall to-do list that threatens to topple over the $19.99 calming bonsai tree you bought because of an article on finding greater peace amidst the dumpster fires of this world. and i’m thinking you are wondering how you got here and if you should stick around.

here’s what I can tell you: i probably wrote that article.

that’s because i love nothing more than to write about work, creativity, and small experiments in better living. and my hope is that this substack will be a space for you to question it all, figure it out, and decide in the deep-down knowing what is what.

the bonus news? you won’t be doing it alone.

currently, there are 13,500+ people on this newsletter, and most of them are truly spectacular humans.

just last week, for example, i smiled wide when a longtime subscriber, who was also my mother, finally pulled out her wallet to upgrade to the paid version of her only daughter’s newsletter. i’m telling you, magic abounds.

tldr? we’re all so happy you’re here.

ready to stick around?

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writing books, investing in startups, raising humans. i got the pope on twitter and i published nine books and i am followed by many bots. new on substack / old on my face.